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Preparing your cart before summer

Operating your cart after winter storage, the steps to follow:

Electric carts:

  1. Reconnect the batteries and turn the switch to “RUN”
  2. Check nuts for tightness (12.4 N.m.) and coat with terminal protector to minimize corrosion.
  3. Make sure the electrical circuit breakers are still on.
  4. Check that the charger is working.
  5. If necessary, add distilled water to the battery cells so that the pads are submerged by about 2 millimeters.
  6. If possible, charge the cart at least 2 times before the first uses.
  7. Adjust the tire pressure to 22 psi.

Gasoline carts:

  1. Restore the fuel system by emptying the tank, unless conditioner was added before storage. Occasionally, residue builds up which can eventually obstruct the intake lines to the engine.
  2. Use only gasoline with an octane number of 87% with no more than 10% ethanol.
  3. Check that the reservoir valve is in the open position and that the spark plug wire is securely in place.
  4. Reconnect the battery. (Which was disconnected beforehand.)
  5. Adjust the tire pressure to 22 psi.
  6. Check or replace engine oil if not done prior to winter storage.

You need parts for the maintenance of your cart, you will find our parts online.

Need a change before the summer season? Several accessories are available to enhance your cart.

Our service manager is also available to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for the maintenance of your cart. Our technicians are all Club Car certified!

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